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  3. If I were Mary, I could not forgive the murderer, . I can’t bear that Beatriz severed a major heart artery. I even can’t image that scenes. How dare can she do that on Charlotte’s birthday. However, Mary forgive Beatriz. She treat her more patient and compassionate to Beatriz when she got her letters. Through the letters, they connect with each other.If I were Beatriz , I could not connect with Charlotte’s parents. I would rather stay in the jail than connect with her parents. After all, I am a killer.

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  6. « Tak dÅ‚ugo, jak w Rzeczypospolitej bÄ™dzie można rzucać bezkarnie kalumnie pod adresem najwyższych organów paÅ„stwa polskiego, nie bÄ™dzie rozwoju demokracji w Polsce. »mój Boże…to gomuÅ‚ka powiedziaÅ‚ chyba? ciekawe jak prowadzacy program zareagowaÅ‚…A mnie siÄ™ przypomniaÅ‚a wypowiedz Reagana, ktory pojechaÅ‚ do jakiegos kraju i przywitaÅ‚y go protesty. powiedzial: ciesze sie ze moge odwiedzic Kraj w ktorym mozna otwarcie krytykowac.

  7. Hey John,I like this article that you’ve written. There’s definitely something to learn from this; however, have you ever tried asking organizers to compromise on the lighting? As a well known photographer in the swing community, I would think that there are some influences that you have when it comes to wanting better photographs.Just thought I’d ask.-Bradley

  8. per aldo:- non c’e’ bisogno di metterli a mollo in una piscina……si stanno mettendo a mollo in qualcos’altro…. la caratteristica principale di un grande leader e’ quella di dare l’esempio… prima centrale ad imperia e la seconda ad arcore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!forza forza dateci l’esempio…………voi che siete così grandi….dateci l’esempio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alfio

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful message with us! Something that spoke directly to me this morning, as I woke up late, sitting here writing to a great friend, and thinking, just another half hour – I could call it a nap! No naps – you woke me right up! HE woke us both, you carried the message! Bless you!Have a marvelous day!Blessings,Donna

  10. what do u mean Aquinas is living on past glory? what past glory do they even have? they no past glory or present glory! they just want to mingle with the best meanwhile they have nothing to stand on. The most useless catholic school in Ghana….PERSCO all the way

  11. Hi Annelies. leuk dat je het kaartje laat zien. Inmiddels ben ik aan de 102 volgers, misschien wel dank zij jou foto op je blog!!!Ik las op het blog van Corrie schrijft dat het nieuwe DMC garen veranderd is, dat het feller van kleur is nu.Dus iedereen gewaarschuwd! Lieve groetjes, Evelyne

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  14. Je n’ai pas écrit « pollué », Patrick.Après tout, sous les Abassides, quand les « secrétaires Persans » ont organisé le fonctionnariat de l’empire musulman naissant, ils se sont inspirés de ce qu’ils avaient observé : l’empire chinois (et de l’héritage perse).

  15. Io devo aspettare settembre per vedere il mare, queste foto sono tanto belle ma stai affondando il coltello nella piaga!! Mi consolo ripetendomi che in questi giorni andare al mare è una pazzia e ci troverei il mondo. Se non è così, non voglio saperlo.E' un po' che noto il tuo orologio e mi piacerebbe regalarne uno simile ad una mia amica, di che marca è?

  16. I think Ryron had a point but lost my respect by saying that stupid shit.All the jiu jitsu fighters who are competing work really hard to get the medal, it might be only a medal for him who was born on the top family in jiu jitsu world, but for others it’s a symbol that shows that all that hard work was not in vain,that they somehow got what they wanted.

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  18. Vous dire « sans hésitation » possible que vous referez tout « Ã  l’identique », c’est une façon comme une autre de vous rassurer — surtout quand vous pensez aux conneries que vous avez sans doute aucun fait dans votre vie (et ne me dites pas que vous n’avez jamais fait des conneries… évidemment, tout est possible : même que vous soyez un type exceptionnel).

  19. Yes, absolutely! that’s my thoughts exactly. I realise there is quite a spectrum between the FSF and the OSI, and I do hope to make that clear to people, but again, outside of software the words do have different connotations.July 6, 2012, 10:14 pm

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  22. I’m a new uke player but worked out the intro a little, using a high-G chord. Using the same A-C-E-G tuning, bar the 7th fret and use your pinky on the 10th fret A-string (G-note). Not sure how to tab out the actual notes in a post like this. Woodshed – any ideas on how to add this to your already awesome tab?

  23. je n’écris pas souvent et pourtant regarde tes tenus tous les jours. j’aime beaucoup ce que tu portes mais cette tenue là je l’adore. un revival moderne de mes tenus d’enfance sans ni culcul, ni petite fille. simplement chic, comme souvent. j’ vais ressortir mon faux col anne fontaine acheté il ya peut être 15 ans….tout se recycle!!!! de temps en temps ça fait du bien de se faire des compliments !!! bisous et merci pour l’inspiration

  24. I agree Miriam.But it's as infuriating as it is sad. I just don't get why people don't love Israel. It will never make sense to me.keliata forced to post anonymously

  25. Het is wel weer een flinke klus, maar om nu jaren naar iets te kijken wat je toch niet mooi vindt…dat is ook niet alles! Dus jullie hebben groot gelijk!Veel succes en geniet vandaag van je uitstapjes!Lieve groet, Ingrid

  26. Coulter, it's not parental birthplace ya dumb bitchit's parental CITIZENSHIP which is the criteria.'BORN INCOUNTRY OF CITIZEN PARENTS'Minor v. HappersettYou and Sean are really fucking lying and putting your ass on the line, over a lie that's easily exposed. Pretty stupid in the eyes of history! You just sold your credibility down the toilets.

  27. Knirk: Ja historien er bygget rundt det russiske eventyret. Blant annet leser Mabel den boka og lurer på om det kan ha en sammenheng med det hun selv opplever med den lille jenta.Solgunn: Ja, synd hvis de ikke har rettet opp småslurv. Jeg leste et anmeldereksemplar, og påpekte til forlaget om noen av disse slurvene. De sa de skulle selvfølgelig rette det før utgivelsen, men det har de tydeligvis ikke gjort. Synd, fordi Ivey skriver jo så flott!

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  29. Hey, you used to write excellent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your great writings. Past several posts are just a bit out of track! come on!”To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” by Sren Aaby Kierkegaard.

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  31. Posted on My conclusion is that there is nothing inherently wrong with a building. I actually think buildings are helpful and sometimes necessary….Grace, would you mind giving some examples of situations in which you feel a building is either helpful or necessary? I'm especially curious to hear your thoughts on when a building would be “necessary”.Thanks! ]]>

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  33. Thank you Chris. I look forward to my Facebook news feed becoming usable again. One additional point that should probably be made clear is that you have to be logged in to your Facebook account to see the block button.

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  35. Happy new year, Kirsten. It’s always a pleasure to spend time in this space with you. I hope that 2012 brings you much joy and you find the balance in your life that you are looking for. x

  36. Sono stata assente per le vacanze…la oggi ho riletto anche i post passati! le tue foto parlano ed esprimono da sole i sentimenti e le emozioni che hai vissuto mentre le scattavi. COMPLIMENTONI!!!

  37. Thanks CC. It was not you which is why this change was essential. I look forward to more comments and dialogue with you. I really appreciate your recent post on RRSPs and TFSAs.

  38. Hi Gordon – thanks for the comment. The best way to get the magazine is for Iain to join the IAC – it’s the current issue, just – as they’re quarterly and in the first year of membership you just pay pro-rata until January so it doesn’t cost a lot. Fingers crossed for him for the 23rd!

  39. I'm going to have to disagree with most of you…your taking it so seriously…the feature only shows when your cursor goes over the video and when you take it off or just not move your mouse after a second or two it goes away…it also looks sleek and modern…i also agree with postalgbv that it would be better if the screen didn't react when having the cursor over the play/pause buttons and timeline bar

  40. Thank you Michael, that tells me what I needed. Namely: while "Google does not" use keywords meta tag in web ranking — how could you say it any more clearly? — that is NOT a reason to abandon keywords altogether. They are still indexed and searchable, and so still have a function.They simply are not part of the mysterious algebra of page ranking.It's not your fault that people persist in misunderstanding (me included, initially!) your statement.

  41. Well, you can’t argue with black men being admitted to the priesthood in 1978, because the 1978 Revelation on Priesthood was widely covered in the news media.It’s not like it’s some rumor that we’re making up—it’s all over .

  42. “… took five years of a worldwide conflagration for the allies to defeat nazi germany. what’ll it take for the world to defeat zionist israel?”Following that math out yields two possible equations:with the US continuing to be aligned with Israel, we are looking at subduing a population of around three hundred million — or about the same proportion of humanity now as Germany was then. So…about five years.Assuming the US abandons Israel, then we’re talking about eight million rather than three hundred million. So…about six weeks.That might be a tad optimistic — but if the US pulled the plug on Israel, it would be over pretty quick. No doubt of that.

  43. I am for it, but since the people are not ready yet, what is the point. The constitution is “for the people, by the people.” And if the people are not ready or do not want it…It just looks daft.. Better focus on explaining to the people why do we needed and what will be the benefits of it.. Start now.. It will be a long process, especially with all that damage done with this crisis.

  44. Professor Mula is a great teacher and a really cool guy. Even students in my class who don’t like Italian enjoyed the class. I could not have asked for a better Italian professor for J-Term- which came right after I had a different great Italian professor in the Fall. Bottom line: Mula is awesome, and if you take the first year of Italian, while they recommend that students try different professors for the three courses, you should try to have Mula for at least one of them.

  45. Jep! Sama juttu. :’D Huvitti etenkin kohdat: « Kuitenkin ateistiset yhteiskunnat ovat tuottaneet monin verroin enemmän kuolonuhreja ja muuta tuhoa kuin ne, joissa kristinuskolla on ollut merkittävä vaikutus. » Itseasiassa kokonaan Ateistista yhteiskuntaa ei ihmiskunnan historia edes tunne! Neuvostoliitossa ja Saksassa harjoitettiin henkilöpalvontaa joka on verrattavissa uskonnolliseen jumalpalvontaan.

  46. Habitante del planeta Odo:A mí también me sorprende. A quién se extraña de que no me resultase original suelo responderle que, a lo mejor, es porque he leído demasiada ciencia-ficción.Pero sirve para pasar el rato, todo hay que decirlo.Gracias por tus comentarios

  47. Question:The foreclosure moratorium in california ends next month. If Cali was doing 200,000 foreclosures per week before June, then that suggests that there’s a backlog of about 2.4 million foreclosures waiting to hit next month.Grim, clot, am i missing anything here or is this going to get interesting?????

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  49. I agree with so much of what you have articulated, BJ — which is one reason that the entire GOP position of “American exceptionalism” makes me so queasy. We haven’t always been a force for good in this world (not by a long shot) and to think that we are above reproach and have no reason to ever apologize for some of the terrible injustices we’ve done is short-sighted and counter-productive. I love America but I also love this planet and feel as if self-determination of people is a good thing. WE don’t have to tell everybody in the world how to live — it’s not our business.

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  52. the fancy equivalent of « you fucking bitch. » And because he didn’t speak to anyone else that way, it DID seem like he was personally angry at the « quim » for being one, for being the one to get to him. He got mad, and misogyny came out. And yeah, he’s the villain. Villains have despicable behavior and attitudes. But you know, this wasn’t a documentary. That was a line someone chose to write for that character. I’m not fond of it.

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  56. « znaczy wszyscy z terenów Rzeszy! »Co to za argument? Czy jeÅ›li ktoÅ› mieszka we WrocÅ‚awiu, to nie może pisać o historii polsko-niemieckiej? ProszÄ™ spojrzeć na życiorysy tych autorów. »Szczególnia zabawna jest kwestia opozycji antyhitlerowskiej – to musi zajÄ…c w tym podrÄ™czniku dość dużo miejsca. Spisać przeżycia wszystkich piÄ™ciu – trudna sprawa. »Powyższe zdanie przekonuje mnie, ze warto pisać taka książkÄ™.

  57. America is much more of a "mertitocracy" now than it was before the 1960's. It does a better job of finding and elevating the "cognitive elite".Can anybody honestly claim that they think the country is better off as a result? Our current ruling class is making me reconsider my opposition to a hereditary aristocracy.

  58. you always feel more nostalgic when the mornings are cold… but they also have this unique light to them and i always like to remember that when the weather is ‘crappy’… that ususally makes things better for me :)~that dream is beyond disturbing!!!

  59. Good day! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your articles. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same topics? Thanks a ton!

  60. Good to know that the Christmas songs will be available to buy as well, and that they didn’t rip off kickstarter supporters from getting those like they did with the acoustic ep, which was only available to people who bought the album afterwards. Bitter much am I?

  61. Together with Edith Astruc, we join our voices to those of other friends and colleagues. In addition to all his professional qualities, which were outstanding, Asher was a real Mentsch, always ready to lend a helping hand, sparkling with wit and good humor, to say nothing of his considerable wisdom. Our deepest condoleances to Carol and all the children.Sasha Weitman

  62. Brash feels he has to answer every question he gets asked. That one facet alone exposes his political inexperience. I can’t imagine Winston directly answering the « Who is mainstream? » question. I agreed with the comment later during the Performance Review that Brash seems like a ‘non-politician'; many may warm to that regular schmoe persona, being regular schmoes themselves. BTW, didn’t you mean « Derr, but i still get my 20 bucks back? » It was mine to start with.

  63. Very interesting points you have noted , thankyou for posting . “Lefty Wise guy dont carry wallets, they carry their money in a roll….beaner on the outs” by Donnie Brasco.

  64. I love Emma–she is one of my favorite actresses and one of my favorite fashionistas. She just exudes class and friendliness…this outfit is typically awesome from her, I really love the colors and the solid/print juxtaposition. Wish it was hiked up maybe half an inch but it does fit great. The shoes don’t bother me here. BDOTW-worthy.

  65. I loved the punchline of the Stelmach « missappropriation of personality » joke… Liberal seat count cut in half!Seriously, you should take some pride that because you held onto your « joke » for far too long and poorly played the role of the extreme-partisan-in-innocent-schoolboy-garb, you did nothing in the end but help Stelmach.As a PC, I thank you.

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  69. Wow, I really wish I had mine right now! I’vewaited so long for this figure…Glad to hear it is faithful to Mogudan’s original illustration. I can only wish that it will be the first in a series of them ^__^;;

  70. Posted on Znajomi “premiumowcy” z PS3, z którymi gram od premiery – starzy wyjadacze i fanatycy tej gry odbili siÄ™ od tego dodatku po pierwszym, premierowym wieczorze… Trudno w to uwierzyć ale nikt nie chce w to grać… jedyny grywalny tryb to TDM bo akcja toczy siÄ™ na malutkich wycinkach mapy… Jednym sÅ‚owem – dno i metr muÅ‚u w wydaniu konsolowym, ma PC jest pewnie miodnie…

  71. I’d like the links please. I have the same fears for my dog– she’s only 2 and wriggles so much with excitement when I put the leash on that one time it wasn’t hooked properly to her collar. She got about 5 feet away from me and heard panic in my voice, so thankfully she darted right back to me. If there was another dog around though, I know she would have made a beeline to it, without any regard for the busy street.

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  73. Moto,2012-13 PERs for the players you mentioned:CJ Watson 14.4Anthony Morrow 11.8 (13.6 career average, down this year)Kent Bazemore 12.8Klay Thompson 12.1CJ and AM were/are both incomplete ballplayers. But do the stats say the Ws should have kept either instead of drafting Thompson?

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  75. Dear Joan,I loved meeting you last summer at ISTE and hopefully we will have a repeat in San Antonio! I loved your last post about adding vivid words to images! I had my students do something similar last year using powerpoint. It’s a fun way to make writing creative and thought provoking.Keep doing all that you do!Your friend,Julie

  76. Jaja. Die lieben 5Ds. Händler bekommen jeweils fünf bis zehn Stück zugeteilt — Bodys. Und die Vorbestelleung sind in diesem Fall noch einiges höher als bei der 7D. Vor allem die KITs bringen die lieben Japaner nicht auf die Reihe. Bodys gehen noch.Aber das ist ja schön wenn sie es tatsächlich schaffen, mal einen Kameratyp auszuliefern — termingerecht. Bei Canon hat übrigens viel mit Glück zu tun miks

  77. pervanu, it's called living in color aroused A-merry-ca while black. You just make the best of it. Glad you schooled the young one, but I can't be mad at this kid's father; he thought that he was raising the kid in the USA. Not South Africa circa 1970.

  78. Yeah, I think the mentally disordered are generally suspicious of organised religion because it's incredibly outdated and tends to discriminate against us.Might interest you to know that there's absolutely no correlation between morality and religiosity.

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  81. “Prude” carries with it a stigma that it shouldn’t, much like many of the words that are aligned with good morals and/or what the Christian lifestyle should be like. It’s funny; being prude among the other things alluded to is arguably non-PC nowadays, and being the opposite is what is accepted. Further proof, in my opinion, of how evil this world is and where it’s headed.

  82. Roland Gustafsson skriver: 2012-12-24 14:20:28Margareta , hur tror du Sverigedemokraterna skall kunna göra ett bra val och fÃ¥ alla partierna att tänka till, om alla resonerar som du? I en demokrati röstar var och en pÃ¥ det parti man anser har den bästa politiken….

  83. Oct 01, 2012 11:40 am vinegar Thanks so much! :))I decided to go with CDO. It was a tie between the two (them and Dreamscape), but I was already contacted by CDO’s owner and she seems like a great person, who really cares about quality and great deals for both customers and artists. I believe there will be multiple layers tubes, I’d love to have them available to people as well :)All the best to you too :)

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