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  1. Brandice says:

    Dosdaoheado!Thot was, by far, the best use of that word I have ever seen, and what an excellent way to spark a laugh in the midst of such a serious topic.This criminal – Assange, may be sabotaging the leftist regimes, but I find him, and his methods, absolutely detestable either way.Providing secret documents to wikileaks should be considered an act of treason – equal with transmitting sensitive data to an enemy.

  2. Starbaucks has some really good desserts! But I don't think I've ever tasted the coffee cake. They have mini- red velver cakes bites now, and cake poppers on sticks.

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  4. As I told you, I definitely don’t think this is a fluke. It may not always be this fluid, but you’ve found something that works. You won’t just suddenly lose it again!(Unless I steal it from you, which I confess, I would be VERY happy to do… :P)Plus, there will always be some nagging real life issue you want to avoid, lol. That’s the beauty of real life.

  5. The FSWSaba received a letter signed by the Lt. Governor and by the Island Secretary that there will be no financial support from the Island Government ” because the FSWSaba already receives so much financial support” The letter was dated August 10 and arrived September 27!

  6. I believe Huck's chances are done. The same reason that Caribou Barbie's are done. the mess they get's excused now, from the big bad liberal media…the gloves will be OFF in 2012. there will be commercials of the dead cops and the CHILD this dude allegedly RAPED, and Huckabee will be totally associated with him. as for Flipping Mitt – yes, he's a phony piece of plastic, but he's a smart piece of rich plastic, and he's learned a few things from the 2008 run. he's preparing to destroy his enemies. Flipping Mitt is gonna be the 2012 GOP Nominee.

  7. Dobrý den, mám švestkový kvas tedka 8 tyden v sudu, na zacatku paradne kvasil, pak kvaseni ustavalo, nyni se zda, ze uz nedela nic, vypada velmi zdrave. Jen jsem pri mereni zjistil, ze zbytek cukru je jeste cca 4,5-5 coz se mi zda hodne. Mam kvas nechat dal stat nebo palit? Ve sklepe uz mam pomerne chladno 12-13 st., mohlo to pribrzdit dokvaseni?

  8. talk to some one about your problems and then they will be there for you if your ever feeling low or upset. but i think its just in your head you sound really nice and anyway aslong as you have a good personality then thats what countsgood luck =)

  9. , Susan, there are so many programs that are concerned and want to become more sustainable but, as a nation, we’re not taking a stand. Perhaps, the actions of all of these U.S. environmental organizations, as well as changes at the state level, will eventually inspire sustainable progress that may in turn affect the political realm, but how long will that take?

  10. Good morning Libelulle, as usual I enjoyed this Rufus puzzle but got stuck on the top right hand corner and needed your help for two of the clues, thank you, fav clues today 9a, 21a, 24a, 14d 22d, out now to clear up some leaves while the sun is shining

  11. Hehe I had to take the quiz and I'm a ruler of the wilderness, free spirit, unconventional and eclectic (so true). But I also scored perfectionist and organiser. What a total clash but that speaks a lot about my scattered personality :PAnd you certainly are the ultimate nurturing Earth Mother! And these buns are comfort at its best :)

  12. Studieren wird langsam aber sicher wieder etwas für die Besserverdienenden. Mal sehen wohin die Reise geht bis mein Sohn endlich im Studentenalter ist. Da ist dann wahrscheinlich sehr viel Platz in den Hörsäälen, weil sich das Studium niemand mehr leisten kann.Gruß, Markus

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  15. ser “Primeras” Principalmente (al menos para mi) es ver como aparece un nuevo post en algún Blog que visito ya que eso me da a entender que son noticias calientitas, y soy de los primeros en deleitarme con su sabor a magdalena XD[sarcasm]Por todo los que dicen Primis y Firts etc. Son de esa gente que las ves y dices:Mev Mev ¿porque los olvidas?, son tus hijos a mi ya déjame, yo estoy a toda madre ayúdalos a ellos, chingado no no no[/sarcasm]

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  19. Allow me to take this opportunity to announce that I disavow any association with Reechard and the troll-like comments emanating from his computer in his new- and rapidly appreciating- domicile on Jupiter (or is that Westfield?).The bull case for RE is not the same as the psychotic’s case for increased medication.March thru this field of mud on your own, Reechard.

  20. christopherfirst time in Toronto Gay Village-i was invited to a bath house on Church St next to Pegasus Billiards.this invite happened while having a few drinks at Sailor Bar.i remember it Sailor Bar-the place was decorated in Titanic Memorability reminding one of the upcoming blockbuster film.i didnt go to bath house-never on a first encounter.this guy was from Mississauga-me-from London.

  21. Muy buena reflexión!!!!!y me siento muy identificada con la siguientes lieneas de tu historia… La paciente cronica, que día a día lucha con una enfermedad silenciosa que pocos saben que está ahí y que en algunos casos eso de verte tan normal es complicado…Un abrazo!!!!!!!!!!y que Dios te de muchos años màs de remisión

  22. How my writings elf recognises the feeling behind that drawings of the seated man. Was just going to write "I so agree that beginning is hard but then I thought "Well, the rest isn't exactly easy either." But easier when actually you have something down, even when imperfect. Thanks for the post, Steve.

  23. This looks so good, Kelly! Michael keeps asking me to make scallops, and this recipe looks like a winner. I adore seafood. In fact, I’ve been losing my taste for meat lately, and all I seem to want is seafood! Salmon is my favorite, but I also love tilapia, tuna, lobster, shrimp, and scallops.

  24. ” Or, it could be the beginning of a new spirit in American politics in which AIPAC no longer controls Congress.”I sure don’t see that happening anytime soon, given AIPAC’s support among Jewish Americans, Christian fundamentalists, the mass media, most Democrats and all Republicans.

  25. JuanjoPues yo estoy totalmente de acuerdo con Luis.El cine no está hecho para unos pocos, al igual que la lectura y la televisión.Todo está hecho para ser consumido, y no necesariamente por expertos del género.Está muy bien que se valore la calidad de la fotografía, el guión, y las actuaciones, pero generalmente el público solo entiende o percibe estas dos últimas.No me parece nada acertada la común expresión “no sabes de cine”. Es como decir a alguien “no tienes ni idea de moda”.El arte es subjetivo, y lo que puede encantar a uno puede desagradar a muchísimos otros.27/01/2012, 17:53

  26. One: agreed. But still infuriating.Two: I considered this… until I read the part where they had to bring them to classThree: Agreed again but still infuriating. It makes no sense that a school can bring in a Television Station Manager but not an actual teacher.

  27. you can admit your sins, and beg forgiveness and ask for redemption..and we will consider it. Is the freeken Nazi Germany ???? You folks have totally lost it. Time to bring back yahoo, microsoft, and the federal trade commission. Time for congressional hearings on this monopoly that is destroying lifes and jobs. Mr Matt, you foget the crown that made you guys. I think you started a ware that will haunt google. I am turning off my droid phone, buying an I phone, dumping my chrome browser, and pulling out google spayalitics from my sites. You people are SICK !!!!!!

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  29. Le point de départ de votre raisonnement est pour le moins contestable: vous réduisez la création monétaire aux pièces et billets en circulation, soit à l’agrégat M1. Ce que je peux comprendre, puisque M3, un instrument autrement plus précis, n’est plus publié par la Fed vu son extraordinaire expansion ces dernières années. En réalité, les risques inflationnistes sont calculés à partir de l’évolution de M3.

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  32. //அய்யா… எனது வீட்டின் அருகே பல ஆட்டோ ஓட்டுனர்கள் உள்ளனர். அவர்களில் சிலர் எனக்கு பழக்கம். அதிக பணம் கேட்டு ஸ்டாண்டிலேயே நின்று பொழுதைக் கழிக்காமல், வரும் வாடிக்கையாளரை இழக்காமல் நியாயமாக ரேட்டு பேசி ஓட்டும் சாமர்த்தியசாலிகள், நன்றாகவே பணநெருக்கடி இல்லாமல் வாழ்கிறார்கள்.// அய்யயோ இந்தமாதிரி வசனம் பேசாதா ஓட்டுனர்களால் என்ன லாபம் நீங்க இன்னும் வளரனும் பாஸ்

  33. I had been curious about if you ever considered changing the design of your blog? Its very well written; I really like what you have got to say. But maybe you can create a little more in the way of written content so people can connect with it better. You have got an awful lot of text for only having one or two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

  34. WOW. With a hearth like that, who COULD NOT have a fabulous weekend? I am going to have to use that…and give credit of course, to the photographer and YOU…..may I dearest? I am going to post today….I am so behind with having parent conferences on Thursday nIGHT! I am ready for the weekend…Anita

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  39. Thank you…Today, I will hope and choose to believe that my goals are attainable. I will choose to believe and hope that the changes I am making can become a way of life. I will believe that change is possible and can be lasting. I will believe that I can live my life in my best health. Today, I will do the hard work of choosing to say no to those foods that don’t serve me. I will believe that a life with out sugar is possible. Thanks for the tough love! I have to keep in mind that if nothing changes, nothing changes! xoxo

  40. Bonnie,A couple of quick thoughts. My focus on Jesus’ dealings with the Pharisees was not to highlight on the political content (although there were political conversations in the gospels). It was to highlight how Jesus dealt with very combative, debate-oriented people. Instead of playing a round of Debate Club with them, he went to the heart of the issue to force the truth to come to the light. He was trying to progress the conversation to a helpful conclusion.

  41. mosan squared…What sarcasm ?1:)When the truth does let me knowMan we all tried so many different ways to get the picture across to em but they simply like it the way it is! We tried calm talk and humorous and frustrated and so many other ways… and no I don’t think sarcasm will work with them either. I just wrote what went through my mind and how I felt. You have no idea how much I wish I actually believed everything literally!1

  42. Good Review Chris, enjoyed reading it. Interestingly the chocolate dessert was the same one I had a few weeks previous, but it wasn't presented in the same bizzare manner. (Whats with the side of the plate thing? well deserving of a chocolate protest penis). But what I think is interesting, this shows that the dishes are evolving almost constantly. If you look at any of the Viajante posts on other blogs, the dishes are all slightly different which shows experimentation with the presentation etc.Overall, I really liked Viajante, I think the set lunch menu is a complete bargain for such interesting food.

  43. bom dia … temos um garmin nuvi 255w e o mesmo parou de funcionar, quando liga da o seguinte problema ( tela branca com linhas pretas do lado ) o que posso fazer ? Já tentei ressetar conforme alguns topicos achados no google porem nenhum resultado. Aguardo e agradeço

  44. Yes. But how many rescues will depend on how many calendars are sold. Say we only sell ten and the profit is $50 I wouldn’t split that between 12 rescues. It will all have to be tweaked, but yes the motivation is to donate to a rescue.

  45. The abcoaster or Ab circle Pro?Has anyone ever used either of these? If so, is either one any good and even work? Im looking to buy an ab machine and I want one that is really going to work. Out of these two, which one do you think is the best or if you know of another ab machine that Will really work then please let me know about it and thank you.

  46. My almost five year old boy (who wanted a watch) got this tonight for Channukah, went to bed playing with it, writing notes, loosing all the little pieces and then sleeping with it on his arm. He is delighted.

  47. Freakin' hell I adore each and every detail about your house,especially the wallpaper!!! And I love you being draped all over the place!poor baby,I know,we never seem to learn,but I bet you had a great time!! I drank a lot of bubbly on Sat night,and totally expected to be suffering along with you,but amazingly did not?! Bizzarre!!! Hair of the dog,love.That's all there is for it!LOVE you!! Helga xxxXXXxxx

  48. melonbug04, sorry if you despise accents as there is NOTHING you can do, ok? Also do not critizise if you do not recognize how speech spelling either. It should be written “pronounced” NOT pernounced. HOW’S THAT?

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  66. So the real estate industry didn’t like the mandatory audits? Thought it would have a negative effect on their sales? Their sight is worse than Mr Magoo’s if they think THAT is their only problem. What happens when houses, like the one cited above near Clear Creek/Frogmore, are affected in value? When Southwest Ontario is covered in wind turbines, what then? Agents who have specialized in certain communities that then become involuntary neighbours of turbine developments will be hit, hard…and yet, in the main they say nothing.

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  70. Russ, I can’t give you the academic reasons, but my understanding is that God’s grace *is* given to all, but so is free will. His grace, by Orthodox definition, is not irresistible (God doesn’t force Himself on anyone), so some may choose to resist His grace. Those who don’t, but rather receive it, are those who are being saved.

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  74. bem, ainda que reconheça que o AO não foi particularmente bem negociado e que deixa transpirar aos portugueses a noção de que houve muitas (demasiadas?) cedências Brasil, recordo que ele é Ortográfico e que não toca na substância da Língua nem da sua oralidade… é uma ferramenta que pode e irá facilitar a comunicação e a distribuição de literatura entre os povos lusófonos, razão pela qual o apoio, ainda que reconheça que em alguns pontos foi mais o “acordo possível” e o “acordo que temos”, do que o “acordo que devíamos ter”…

  75. Granny,Frank isn’t worth the spit. I did touch a nerve with him though. He had to list his insults out (1, 2, 3…etc) He was trying! I’ll give him that. It really took me back to the schoolyard in its sophistication. « You can’t spell! » Good one! « You’re a dumbass! » Ouch! « You can suck my balls! » That one really humbled me, Granny! (Sorry for the crass language.) Yeah, Frank got me good.

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