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  1. Nevea says:

    Das fehlt mir so, das zusammen basteln. :( Bei dem Platz und so tollen Material, macht es so viel Spaß. Tolle Karten habt Ihr beide gekLrwelt.GeG und KnuddelsSindy

  2. Ã… kor søte den var da :-)Du er jo kjmpe flinkeHar ikkje vert i bloggland pÃ¥ minst 10 dager no – føler abstinent og savna den daglige titten innom bloggvenneneMEN no skal eg holde meg frisk og rask til julSmil fra Monika

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  4. I’m getting ready to have my first child in January and have seen all the cerommcials and read all the pamphlets about cord blood banking. I never considered it because of the price being so high. My mom told me that she had read in the newspaper about donating your baby’s cord blood and I thought that would be a wonderful thing to do. It’s a way to contribute to science and research and it couldn’t be easier. I plan on donating again when my husband and I decide to have our second child as well!

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  6. é triste…é so o que consigo dizer perante a limitação de certos portugueses,é mesmo triste que nem saibam preservar o que têm de melhor…(grrrrr!!!!!) e eu que estive para la ir pela primeira vez esta semana…e agora ja não vou poder ver as coberturas originais e pelos vistos ja perdi mais…grrr…animais!

  7. Philip what a story…I too was driving when I heard you describe Jeff Buckley’s arrival at the rehearsal. I thought you were exaggerating until they played the recording. Unbelieveable. I had to pull over. Do you have any idea where we can get the best recording…was it ever officially recorded or are there just bootlegs?

  8. It makes me wonder why the marketing people at Pratchett’s publisher picked that particular tease line. A hardcore Tolkien fan might bypass other Pratchett books if he or she discovered it differed.Writers for daily newspapers and marketing people make decisions quickly. Sometimes the choices don’t make sense later. Daily deadlines have to be met, for better or worse.In newspapers, I was judged primarly by how fast I could crank out column inches using the company’s style guidelines. Speed edged out quality. The research and reporting took a back seat to generating text.

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  10. Nokia recently announced that in 2008 they will add WiMax to the N800. That made me decide to get one (currently I have the N770, and I am getting set up to do SW development for that). But until someone can come up with a compelling application for the N800 that will be used while plugged in to a power socket, power management concerns will limit what the N800 will contain.

  11. Hum. Réflexion intéressante MARTIN.«S’il fallait qu’on arrête d’avoir des one-night pour pas passer pour des charrues y’a pu AUCUN célibataire qui baiserait…»

  12. « picador » vient de picar, pris dans le sens de piquer » pico  » pic et bec« pícaro » est le mot español à l’origine du français « picaresque », même si picaro signifie voleur, brigant, chourineur.( sens moins piquant aujourd’hui :vif, astucieux,etc)

  13. You may recognize this image as it was posted on here a few weeks ago. NPC competitor, Monique Minton is one week out from returning to the stage in hopes of nabbing a pro card. She finished third at the NPC USA Figure Championships last month behind Rachel Cammon and Alicia Marie. Can MoMo find victory in the Big Apple? Highly possible considering the top two in each class will achieve IFBB pro status. Fans of the Texas beauty can visit Bodybuilding.com where she is featured as the “Wallpaper of the Week.”

  14. As someone in a denomination with women at all levels of ministry I know what a wonderful additional spectrum female leadership brings. Across the world male chauvinism uses religion as a justification for female oppression. The church may not force women to cover their faces in public or deny them the right to attend religious worship but preventing them from expressing their faith to the highest level within official ministry is, nevertheless, oppression.

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  16. Phil Jackson is a legend. Exiting the game this way won’t do anything to take away from that. The man won 11 championships in 20 years of head coaching in the NBA. That is better than one title every other year. The Lakers could have missed the playoffs this year and it would not have put a dent in Phil’s legacy. So long Phil. Enjoy those long days in Montana. You have earned it.

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  20. That’s the story I got to diamond. You had to pay the money, no refunds, even though at least 8 of those kids knew they were going to be history at the cutoff point for finalizing rosters. That’s BS in my book, although in fairness, nobody put a gun to their head and made them pay that money. It still sounds like a money racket to me.

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  23. By increasing income you mean, increasing taxes. Like ‘relative surplus’ these circumlocutions are getting tiresome.Actually Johann’s point was that we either had to increase taxes or prioritise the poorest by removing universal benefits from those who can afford to pay – not facing up to her question won’t make it go away. If independent we would also have the option to increase the deficit. If part of the UK we would have the option to vote for parties who would increase the deficit or increase taxes.I am quite happy to increase taxes and nationalise North Sea Oil, but I think I am in a minority.

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  28. Jeff, thanks for making that comment – I’m presenting this as my report back to one our IT teams at my school in a couple of hours. Great to show them ‘Be Connected’ in action. P.S. I now have correct spelling of your last name. Mike

  29. Martha, and Ali, thanks for your super sleuthing. Sometimes the translation given is incomprehensible but Ali, you were spot on…now wonder what he’ll sing at the youth concert ???

  30. Hugh Hewitt has been concentrating on the apparent facts that Mr. Popal – presumably a Muslim – targeted people in areas that were predominately Jewish.But this wasn’t an act of terrorism. Just ask the mainstream media, who hardly mention it. reports that « Popal at the time of his arrest declared himself to be a terrorist. »Nothing on that on ABCBSNBCNNYTLAT was there?No, it was the SUV’s fault. And the victims were just people, like anybody else.

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  32. I think that a more important cause of the debt problem is that real incomes are falling or stagnant. That’s why people who could have paid off their mortgages opted to refinance and borrow more; they weren’t making enough to pay for the standard of living they thought they deserved.

  33. A sra em questão, resolveu sair porque o pt preferiu um nome do pmdb…Muito triste que tenha sido por esse motivo, pois teria muitos outros bem mais significativos, como enumerou o anônimo das 19:33 ( muito bem, por sinal)Sai fora corisco…

  34. YES YES YES THANK YOU.“I tell them that hippies are the people from the 60’s who took pilgrimages to India, but I just go there to visit my family! How has western appropriation made me embarrassed to participate in my own culture?”I am half-Indian and was born & raised in America and I am queer and this is everything I have ever wanted to shout at the white hippie/punk kids who I hang out with. I felt so totally alone in this narrative and did not know how to express this sentiment without offending like, everyone I know!!! Thank you so much for writing this!

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  38. The last holiday Steve and I went to in Thailand was in an island called Koh Chang where one bad thing happened after another. It ended with me having food poisoning and having to make ‘kapyot’ on a songthaew traveling at high speed through a winding mountain road in the pouring rain. It was so horrid that I never wrote about it. Now methinks I should. LOL.

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  44. Derbyshire wrote a self-fulfilling prophecy. Someone of African-American persuasion who may have been antipathetical towards caucasians and asians in general, now feels a moral justification for a fun evening of Cracker-Stomping.

  45. What a fabulous post, Vix! I love seeing you in a countryside setting, not your usual habitat but that just shows how adaptable you are! All the photos of you and Krista, Jon and Chris just radiate happiness and friendship. So glad you had a good time (of course you did!) and I am smiling to see that you girls lit up the Lakes with colour and glamour! Don't be too sad that they've gone, just get planning the return adventure! xxxxx

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  48. Your new studio is gorgeous, Geninne! (Not that I would expect anything less.) My little titmouse looks so happy there! You must be so glad to get back to painting – I'm sure you'll have plenty of inspiration with that view! Love, love, love your new space.

  49. mille merci pour ce moment de douce rêverie …MAis faut il absolument se marier pour aller à Naples ? ;) Je rêve aussi de Rome, de Florence …Difficile de rester chez soi devant ces images !

  50. March 5, 2012 at 2:32 pmAnd what I forgot to say…adding this now,.. as far as I know, there are no “business studies” courses that actually teach you *BUSINESS*!  – its all mostly irrelevant theoretical crapola (that word again), which is about as much use to an entrepreneur as a chocolate teapot. Reply

  51. Kjempeflott innlegg Petunia! Du skriver SÅ bra! Kjenner meg igjen i en del av dine minner/opplevelser. Ellers har utbyggingen allerede nådd mitt barndoms"land", dvs vi grenser til Langeskogen, og heldigvis DEN består!JA sånn burde ALLE barn vokse opp!!!

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  58. I applaud your blog,your account of Jehovah’s Witnesses (not) celebrating Thanksgiving was exactly the way in my JW clan.Wedding rings, the names of the week’s days, and the watchtower symbol also have deep Pagan origins. The commonly-accepted pronunciation of Jehovah was also started by a Roman Catholic priest. But we don’t see the J-Dubs shying away from these things, no do we?Jehovah’s Witnesses aught to wake up.–Danny Haszard FMI dannyhaszard(dot)com(cool stuff on JW)

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  61. Thanks for the excellent updates on this conference. I really hoped to make this one but the schedule just didn’t work for me – hopefully I can hit New York for Affiliate Summit East. And I am terribly jealous of your being in Vegas for a week vs. the blizzard I am living through here in Iowa! I look forward to continuing to learn from your willingness to share. Thanks again.

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  64. dit :Très très belles photos ! Ca me rappelle mes galas de danse quand j’étais plus jeune (à un autre niveau que chez toi…) : la boule au ventre, les préparatifs, les costumes, le maquillage… Hâte que ma puce puisse s’y mettre !

  65. Aunt Ruthie, Happy Birthday to Summer! Looks like she had a great time. I know I always do at SDC. I see something different every time I go. My hubby and I had our honeymoon picture made there 39 years ago this week! A great place for those grand babies too! Did you get to see” Ivy”, the walking vine, while you were there? She is amazing! I’ll bet you took some of those cooking classes too? Have fun.Blessings,Becky

  66. ça vous étonne vraiment tant que ça que le peuple, dqns son immense majorité, est favorable à l’intervention de la BCE?Aussi, pour que cela soit clair, personellement, je n’y suis pas favorable.Je ne m’érige donc pas comme “la voix du peuple”. Je reproche effectivement à pas mal de commentateurs de confondre leur opinion personnelle avec celle du peuple sans avoir le moindre élément permettant de le corroborer. Ce n’est pas mon cas ici.Â

  67. TSG, Good for you! I think you’ll enjoy it. There are many pearls of wisdom to gleam from it. Some you may already « know » but not « get. » As in knowing what it takes to lose weight (eating less, exercising more) vs. eating less and exercising more. Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? (Not!)

  68. D’habitude , je ne suis pas branchée sur la une,mais comme moi aussi j’ai ‘grandi’ avec PPDA et sa marionnette sur CANAL, j’ai regardé son dernier JT et j’avoue l’émotion à l’écoute de son dernier message , mais je suis naturellement émotive.Cécile , quel site d’info suisse ou internationale tu conseilles pour voir ce qui en est dit?Merci.

  69. Mathilde dit :Chère Kristeen,Merci pour tes gentils messages. J’espère que tu vas bien et je souhaite de tout coeur que cette année prenne enfin un tournant important pour toi. Tiens moi au courant dès que tu le souhaites. En attendant, je t’embrasse et t’envoie un maximum de pensées positives. A très bientôt. Mathilde

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  81. Loved the monster cereals! I actually had all those mini-monster toys from that 70s commercial. Being a chocoholic, I loved Count Chocula, but it was good to change things up a bit with Franken Berry and Boo Berry

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  203. Thanks Rodney.Yeah that movie has so many meanings and you see different aspects to it if you watch it again Lets free a lot of people from pain. That’s the message I want to pass on to people because up until a short while ago, I didn’t even know what a guru was!!!

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  226. I fully agree with you, Brenda. Keeping a journal is such a blessing and I don’t journal nearly as much as I would like to, but there is nothing like going back and reading all that was going on. It’s like a spiritual scrapbook. I’ve been trying to get my girls started in the writing process, too. Some of the entries are so cute!!

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