Formule Essentielle :

  • Cérémonies civile et/ou religieuse
  • Photos de couple et photos de groupes
  • vin d’honneur
  • Photos sur support numérique en haute définition et libres de droit


  Formule Classique : 

  • Mêmes prestations que la formule Essentielle ainsi que :
  • Les préparatifs
  • 5 photos en format 20×30 sur papier argentique


  Formule Intégrale : 

  • Mêmes prestations que la formule Classique ainsi que :
  • La soirée jusqu’au gâteau
  •  « Photo Booth » en Option



  • 2 à 3 heures de prise de vue
  • Photos sur support numérique en haute définition et libre de droit



  Shooting Portrait :

  • Séance portrait intérieur ou extérieur
  • 1h de prise de vue
  • Photos remises sur suport numérique en Haute définition et libre de droit


  Shooting Famille : Grossesses, Naissances ou Souvenir de Famille

  • Séance en intérieur ou extérieur
  • 1h30 à 2h de prises de vue
  • Photos remises sur suport numérique en Haute définition et libre de droit




Pour toute demande merci de me contacter par e-mail à :

ou tel : 06 83 77 77 02

De façon à établir un devis au plus juste en fonction de vos attentes.


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  1. Vianca says:

    It’s called dhimmitude. The accepted second-class status of any non-Muslim in Mulasm-mijority countries. And the international left seems to think it’s the natural order of things for the rest of us too. Sorry, not gonna play. But thanks for asking!

  2. Good point, HeidiAnn. You say born a Mennonite. Are you still? I would like to live among the Mennonites but not be one because they cook really good food. Not not be one because of the food. Live among them because of the food.

  3. fantastic. As you guys have seen, I’ve been following many of these guidelines through the market downturn, and so far its worked out great. As a plus, it’s kept this interesting and allowed us to design & build some killer furniture pieces that have gotten us a decent amount of press!

  4. bahaha seriously what would they do if you didn't finish your rice? like barricade the door so you can't leave or give you a time out? that's so crazy. ugh & I'm still lusting over your bag.. you should probably never take it off. xx

  5. Hola Ale, el taller de “Activación Interna de la Glándula Pieneal” es el primero que vamos a dar en el año, serán los días 15 y 16 de Enero, es una maravillosa manera de empezar el año. Revisa tu correo, ahí ya tienes toda la información necesaria.Felices Fiestas

  6. nothing about thatPaul wrote other letters not found in scriptureThe New Testament was compiled centuries after it's authorshipPaul's letters are the oldest and the ones we know of are the ones that survived the longestI'm sure that if they found one of the other letters to the Corinthians, it would be in there too

  7. Bom dia! Tirei o RVCC 12º no Vosso centro de formação em Ranholas e gostaria de continuar tirando um curso de 3 anos para depois ingressar na universidade. Quero tirar algo sobre Gestão e Comércio. Agora não sei se posso me inscrever em qualquer altura, ou em que datas é que estão estipulados estes cursos? Agradeço desde já a vossa recepção e espero por notícias breves.Com os melhores cumprimentos, subscrevo-meRui Gonçalo Cabrita de Oliveira Saraiva

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  9. 蔡生寫野不向風花雪月,少涉政治,這實在是異例,相信佢都火到爆頭。政府之失就是如此,有些事沒有好壞的:即如一開始就搞停車場,沒有幾個市民會出聲。就是要叫人提意見,搞計劃,最後卻來個反高潮,就最抵屌。第二個乞人憎就是懶!懶去想一個合理一點的理由。搞大排檔會引起噪音、垃圾、污水、空氣等等的污染,附近仲要有濕地公園,那麼地靈人傑,求其拿一樣發大講都上得大台啦,就係懶。「留芳頌」我都睇過,印象中係原是頹爆公僕主角發現有cancer,命不久矣,於是要「做好事,說好話」。所以要改變那些高官不是給他們睇留芳頌,而是要……嘿嘿!

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  12. Oja! De la motte och HP är the best! Sträckläste [geim] och har längtat efter [buzz]. Kommer vilken dag som helst i brevlådan:).Kul att uppföljaren fått så bra kritik, det bådar gott!

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  15. Yes, people are REALLY messy. I hope things ease up for everyone soon. I’m envious of your uncluttered desk — mine needs a major overhaul consisting largely of a nearby trash can and the will to use it. :)

  16. LaceyTerri, I just want you to know I look forward to your newsletters and videos. Your “Well, hello there!” each week is music to my ears. I really appreciate the “trust” issue this week. I am having my right knee replaced today and I know I am doing the right thing (no pun intended). I have to do this to be healthy. I am going to remember to stay confident and use affirming language through this journey – all thanks to you!  

  17. Upeat lasit :)! Mitenköhän silmälasien ekologisuuden laita on, mihin niitä ostettaessa kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota? Nimimerkillä linssit naarmuilla ja molemmat sangat rautalangalla kiinni, tarttis varmaan uuet :P Oliver's Peoplella on kivannäköisiä laseja, mutta onkohan se hyvä merkki… Osaatko Noora muuten suositella hyviä optikkoliikkeitä Helsingistä?

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  24. This supermarket is like an Asian Whole Foods, far far removed from the local markets (which, despite being sometimes unsanitary) have a certain charm and are definitely cheaper… But you won’t see too many little girls like this wandering around the market place.As far as flip flops are concerned, I know that Crocs are very popular here… As is pairing flip flops with socks haha

  25. Iceland's awesome, but Sigur Ros is pretty ho-hum. Music must be one of the only ways in which Scandinavians are not particularly distinguished among Europeans.Rimur is pretty cool though: Christianity, this sort of chanting was probably found throughout Europe, but not only survives in places like Iceland and India.

  26. Nando, a um tempo atrás relatei aki, q quando eu era adolescente tinhas umas manchas brancas no rosto, e o medico disse q eu não poderia tomar sol nunc apra elas não voltarem, perguntei o nome da doença pra minha mãe e ela disse que era melasma…. Melasma com mancha branca…. nunca ouvi falar???Tenho melasma e não sei???? Ainda bem q dia 26/02 terei consulta com meu dermatologista kkkkkkkkkk

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  30. Angelo’s inventory is « non-performing »? My guess is he’ll renegotiate most of it, for another five years w/a balloon; of course for a fee, a longer term, and a higher interest rate. In the meantime, he’s qualified for federal subsidy, loan guarantees, and other assistance precisely because of the scale and diversity of his « assets ».

  31. Rue, Haymitch,Peeta, and Prim. They are just so ….. hard to describe. Rue is sweet, and just likable as is Prim. Haymitch is raw and honest and Peeta…well Peeta’s perfect, sweet and caring smart and cunning, storng and i guess he supposed to be attractive… and sometimes…protective. I don’t like Katniss all that much. She seems like she would be really irritating to hang around. I only read the books becuase of the other characters. Oh and I love Johanna, so straight to the point and funny!

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  34. steven_podvoll I am a registered Democrat and my politics lean left, so I’m not casting aspersions. However, this post begs the question; what are the differences between the author’s suggestions for “reviving Progressive Conservatism” and the *current* overall objectives of *Liberal / Democratic Party* principles? I fail to see much distinction. I fail to see much in the way of Conservatism in Mr. Stafford’s proposals. We have a big tent, Mr. Stafford. There’s room for you. Come on in.

  35. Until cyclists show that they have educated themselves on the rules of the road by becoming licensed by the province and then start shelling out for registration and insurance, they are nothing more than a pack of dangerous freeloaders with bad attitudes. Still, worrying about them on the road is moot when they obviously prefer to race on the sidewalks in our neighbourhood!

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  42. STOP with the beach pictures. My vacay isn’t for another 2.5 months!! (okay fine, I love them…)I also get very nervous about the ocean swimming. And there was that one time when B was 5 and we thought he was with my brother and SIL and he was actually headed to the beach myself. #1 mom parenting moment right there!! Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break! xo

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  48. IRV is suicidal for third parties, and justifies this by saying well. Bernie Sanders is an independent and won. So is Joe Lieberman, but both were catapulted to election through the two-party system (as with Lowell Weicker). The current “winner-take-all” system does not promote the growth of third parties. If IRV doesn’t, as (and, I think, you) argue, what is the solution to promoting multiple points of views and multiple choices for electable officials?

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  51. Hei! Så flotte tepper :-) Har selv laget et fargerikt ruteteppe, dvs, jeg har strikket lappene og mamma har sydd de sammen ;-) Farger gjør meg glad! Håper det er greit at jeg legger deg til blogglista mi :-)

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  59. Yet more proof that the French really are "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." Of course, what are we? If Alibekov does come to the United States, I hope someone warns him that he should NOT go to live in "Mexifornia" or downtown in New York City right next to the Cordoba House Mosque/ Mahometan Victory Monument.

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  75. Fanny dit :La st Valentin est un jour mi-ange, mi-démon, qui peut transporter les coeurs lorsque l’on est aimé et faire souffrir lorsque la solitude soudain hurle à nos oreilles…Alors peut-être faut-il juste se dire que ce n’est qu’un jour…dans une histoire qui continue…

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  244. thank you guys!shannon- yep, i was trying to come up with something "different" for this project! painting the knobs was my solution :) i can't wait for her to get shots of the whole room together – it's gonna be sweeeeet

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  246. Canadian taxpayers paid through the nose, without their consent, for the very same overkill spectacle during the G20 in Toronto. Courtesy of Harper, Israel’s best friend. Probably had some Israeli security advisors for the event. Even British PM Cameron made fun of both the enormous bill and the excessive security during the G8/G20 in Huntsville and Toronto. “Safest swim I ever had”, he commented, after a dip in the lake.

  247. lol you know you’d want that on your console if you could have it. GPU’s of 2012 are up to 1000% faster than the GPU’s in 360/PS3, despite some devs/publishers saying that PC hasn’t had a “quantum leap”. Newer architecture, less power usage but still faster, plus they support all kinds of next-gen stuff that consoles can’t do. “Quantum” was the wrong word to use. If they’re really waiting on quantum processing for consoles, they’re shit out of luck. Quantum computing is still science fiction.

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  257. Your post made me smile! And since you like tearing tabs off and having separate “apps” via Chrome, one thing I thought I'd point out (if you haven't noticed) is that Chrome remembers the exact shape of the window, so you can create a FF app (, then resize it exactly how you want it, put it where you want it on your screen, and Chrome will remember that. I've done this with Calendar, Friendfeed, and other sites.

  258. I had to laugh reading the CNN article about Sinofsky firing. Controversial, doesn't get collaboration, divisive etc. By doing his job and cleaning up political mess in Windows BG? I guess Frank Shaw earned his salary by calling in favors with CNET editors from his WagEd days. It's sad to see Ballmer defending his post by removing anyone that establishes himself as a credible threat year after year. He used to be much more than that. Microsoft Board on the other hand is an absolute joke letting Ballmer get away with this.

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  262. Yup, these are great hints on what to say beyond “wow!” or whatever (although I am guilty of that). As I get more blogging under my belt I’m learning so much about WHY I like what I see when I write about things that inspire me. I am newly committed to doing that in comments as well!

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  264. The same type of brains conceived and OK’d this as the ones who thought it would be brilliant to dive bomb NYC with Air Force One for some vanity shots.Unfortunately, there are lots of that kind of (liberal) brain out there lacking all common sense and lobotomized to the point of being unable to make logical connections.

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  271. doc: Give me a freaking break! I wasn’t born yesterday!The purpose of Ryan’s photo-op was NOT to highlight the work of volunteers but to cast himself as a helpful guy who takes time from his busy campaign schedule to wash pots and pans in a soup kitchen.I’ve worked on campaigns, doc. I know about this kind of thing. Photo-ops invariably are intended to burnish the image of the candidate. I don’t know whether to attribute your misreading of this episode to naivete or craven partisanship.

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  274. Kelsey, I hope you are not hearing me call God a cop. Often, Jesus flips the law on it’s head, and tells the Pharisee’s who throw an adulterous young women before him, “you who are not guilty, throw the first stone.” Just as my friend disregarded the ‘law’ we have interpreted from scripture, so did I. I want to offer grace first, just as Jesus so heroically has.

  275. The use of any violence comes with the responsibility and judgement of owning and using a firearm. You use it when you have to, you don’t misuse it or you go to jail.It’s simple, don’t complicate. If you use a firearm you may or may not kill someone. It has the potential to kill but it’s purpose is to project your life.

  276. Here in Washington DC, the local newspaper discusses exactly how to do research because people fight wars over that stuff TODAY. Reference war crimes tribunals in Bosnia or how bin Laden was tracked down. You'd better know if it's primary, secondary or tertiary – and the risks – before you ask somebody to risk their life, based on your conclusions.

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  280. Both my parents and grandparents worked out of necessity and all are/were happily married. Believing work leads to divorce is a very western, bourgeois, WASP-y idea. Some women don’t have the option to stay at home with their kids (myself included) and are able to manage just fine. What do I think leads to high divorce rates? Unreasonable expectations, lack of compromise, and greed.

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  284. What a delightful "pink" cake. We made Fannie Farmer's recipe for old fashioned mac and cheese last night. After trying every "designer" recipe from the Food Network and more, nothing tasted more comforting than that one. We have decided it is a keeper for awhile. Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday!

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